Sinai Tablets

For any customers looking to buy a truly unique family heirloom, we offer exclusively a set of silver Sinai Tablets of 999 purity and 150 troy ounces (4.7 Kilograms) in weight each. When you engage our free consultation services to buy the sinai tablets through, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why Invest in Sinai Tablets?

  • A great family heirloom to be passed on from generation to generation
  • Religious artefact classification due to biblical inscriptions of timeless commands of truth
  • This gives a sound argument against any possible re-enactment of compulsory acquisition under Roosevelt Legislation 1933
  • High grade 999 silver purity of 4.7 kg (150 troy ounce) weight each tablet.
  • Unique patent DanEl design based on historical research of tablets likely original shape.


Sinai Tablets SilverThe “stone” chosen by Dan El to carry one of the most significant and unique documents of all time is silver…. solid 999 silver. Weighing 150 troy ounces (4.7 kg) each, which is approximately 400 shekels of silver per tablet, these two tablets are curiously valuable and warrant close examination, especially to the “non believer”.

To offer perspective to this weight measurement, 400 shekels was the weight of silver Abraham used to buy the burial cave and surrounding field for his wife Sarah, or in modern terms, 400 shekels is the equivalent of 146.6 troy ounces, or 4.56 kilograms.

These two solid silver “Tablets of Stone” will take their rightful place as a valued heirloom to be transferred from generation to generation. Valuable for the wisdom they offer in daily living... valuable as a symbol of a sound spiritual foundation and heritage... valuable as a remembrance of the Living God, but also for the intrinsic value of the "stone" selected by Dan El to replicate the two tablets. Being crafted from solid silver will ensure that these heirlooms will not be hastily discarded, but will remain in safe custody within a family for many generations, as a visible daily reminder of our accountability and responsibility toward both God and our fellow man.

Tablet Design

Much research has been accomplished in an attempt to ascertain the form these two tablets could have taken, in order to produce this downsized version of the "Tablets of Stone" given to Moses upon My Sinai.

There exists however obvious conjecture as to the exact appearance of these two tablets, and such speculation will continue until the “Ark of the Testimony” is discovered3, but archaeological diggings in the 19th century has given us a clue as to the form the tablets of stone, may have taken.

The “Mesha Stone” (or “Moabite Stone”) dates back to approximately 853 BC and was discovered in 1868 by F.A. Klein, an Anglican medical missionary. Found in ancient Moab (modern day Jordan) this stone is on view in the Louvre Museum in Paris. The particular events recorded on this “Mesha Stone” can be read in some detail in 2 Kings chapter 3, but suffice to say, this stone tablet is a traditional indication of how literature was published and preserved in “The Holy Land” centuries ago.

moabite stone tabletThe English translation of the Torah states that these two tablets were written on both sides4, which we have reproduced in our replicas. This is also indicated in the Hebrew text, which states that the writing was “inscribed from both their sides”.

It should be noted that there is an alternative and fascinating view. The traditional Jewish understanding of the phrase “inscribed from both their sides” is that the Ten Declarations written on the two tablets may not have been written over “4 pages", but rather the letters could have been engraved through the entire depth of the stone, and were therefore noticeable on both sides, or all “4 pages” of the stone. The appearance of this effect would be more like “laser engraving” penetrating the stone from one side to the other. This would certainly ensure the words could never be “erased” or altered, and if the Ashuri Hebrew “alepbet” was the one used as is accepted among numerous Hebrew Rabbi’s, then no letter would be obliterated via the “cut out” lettering, which would be the case with the Paleo -Hebrew (Ktav Ivri) letters.

The English script chosen for these replica “Tablets of Stone” is a translation of the traditional Hebrew text, and the divisions of the ten statements is also based on Hebrew understanding.


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