For any customers looking to buy jewellery, we offer exclusively THE OLDE WORLD” Gold Chain Collection stamped .995 purity (24k).  When you engage our free consultation services to buy our gold jewellery chain (tailored to your length) through gold and silver bullion sales .com, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why Invest in Jewellery ?

  • Jewellery is found and accepted throughout the world
  • Readily obtainable in various forms globally and easily bought and sold
  • Can carry wealth on you in an adornment of artistic beauty
  • Danel jewellery is one of the purest in the world (995 pure)
  • Stamped with DanEl trademark
  • Various carats available for choice of strength vs use

24k Gold ChainThe true pleasure of beauty and function is often found in the simplicity of its design. Of relevance here to the focus of Dan El, is the multi functional and timeless role that gold chains have played in history, which mandates to a modern world, that the benefits of gold chain, are worthy of consideration. In the past, a gold chain around the neck was symbolic of one whose learned eminence is recognised in the community. Gold neck chains were also an iconic representation of dignity, and worn by rulers and people of high rank.

In keeping with the uniqueness and time-tested prominence of gold jewellery, Dan El is pleased to offer “THE OLDE WORLD” Gold Chain Collection. These chains have been fashioned from 2 mm solid 24k gold wire, into a beautiful jewellery piece, that can be tailored to any length our clients require. The “T-bar & ring” catch, often seen on the chain of “Granddads” pocket watch, is our proprietary design and casting, and is borrowed from yesteryear... an era when craftsmen utilised this unique and simple mechanism to offer safety to a valuable timepiece. These chains are stamped .995 and carry the Dan El Trademark.

The reasoning for diversifying a portion of ones asset base into gold is clearly evident to the prudent, and the portability of gold chain coupled with the international acceptability of .995 gold is without question. But being able to openly enjoy ones assets is important, and this can become a reality to those who see value in including some 24k gold chain as a portion of their portfolio.

This fine gold chain can be ordered in any length. A short chain can be worn as a bracelet, or varying lengths for necklaces; all with the same “T-bar & ring” catch. Our clients, prior to ordering, can reckon a simple calculation of the approximate weight of a chain, as these chains weigh 2.60 grams per centimetre or .211 troy ounces per inch or about 1.20 grams to 1.25 grams per chain link.

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