Equity Trade Notes

For any customers looking to buy something truly special, we offer exclusively Equity Trade Notes - a world first one tenth pressed 999 purity gold foil note. When you engage our free consultation services to buy the equity trade note through goldandsilverbullionsales.com, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why Invest in Equity Trade Notes ?

  • Unique patent world first DanEl note design
  • Contains the Tangible value of precious metal builtin to the note
  • Comprises a one tenth pressed 999 pure gold leaf pressed between security paper and polymer.
  • These notes therefore need no promise of Bullion backing (In the past, paper money was backed with the promise of gold or silver)
  • A globally traded and accepted true value currency

Equity Trade NotesThis pure gold foil note is a world first. It draws upon the skills of a dying ancient gold craft still found in a small European community, combined with the intricacy of Oriental finesse. Modern technology has provided the means whereby the crafts of these bygone era's, can be revisited to create a practical trade note of gold to serve as an open exchange currency.

The convenience of our modern day currency notes of paper and polymer is well accepted, as they are easily identified, stored, transported and exchanged. Since their first usage in China, around 800 AD, and then in Europe in the 17th Century, tradeable notes have flooded every marketplace in the world, in one form or another.

It is clearly an issue of historical fact that paper monetary systems, although convenient, can only ever be as reliable as the integrity of the issuer. Over the last 1200 years there are numerous well-documented examples where circulating paper notes have failed to deliver in part or at all, in direct proportion to the waning level of confidence the market has in the issuer of the underlying promise.

Originally it was promoted that many of these monetary notes were “backed” with a “value” such as gold or silver, which was often stated on the note itself. This was deemed necessary as without such a promise, confidence in their usage could not be sustained and they would fail to be accepted as trade notes both internationally and domestically. The alternative to having a paper or polymer note backed by a promise, either real or perceived, is to have a note that requires no promise at all…a note that has within its very fabric the tangible commodity of gold. For such a note there would be no need for a promise or even a face value, as the note itself would be traded on the open market and judged by that market on the intrinsic value of the gold it possessed and the form presented.

The Dan El Gold Equity Trade Note is a world first, needing no promise or backing by precious metal because it is precious metal. It can be traded openly based on the market’s assessment of its value at any given time and in every corner of the globe. It contains one tenth of a troy ounce of 999 gold laminated between security paper and polymer. The metric equivalent of a tenth of an ounce of gold is 3.11 grams, which is also printed on this note. Together these 2 measurements have found acceptability with the majority of the world’s population. Additionally, this note displays the equivalent measure of one tenth of a troy ounce, in the Shekel weight used in the ancient Middle East, the Tola of the modern Middle East, Pakistan, India, and Singapore, the Tael traded in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, the Baht traded in Thailand, the Chi of Vietnam and the Don of Korea. With the world-wide acceptability of 999 gold as a standard, along with 7 global equivalent weight measures for one tenth of a troy ounce of gold, this Gold Equity Trade Note is truly international in its application.

Equity Trade Note reverseOn the reverse side of this note we find in fine print a brief history of God’s strategic relationship with man, explaining our obligation to our Creator and to our fellowman. The script for this short summary has been lifted directly from the pages of the Holy Bible with no additional words included. All 33 references selected to compose this précis can be found in the frame surrounding the text.

This history of our spiritual heritage, and its worthy application today, presents eternal values for generations to come. Being embedded on pure gold can only add to ensure that it remains.







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