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For any customers looking to buy gold coins or silver coins, we offer the exclusive private coin collection which includes the NEWLY RELEASED one ounce gold and silver coins and half ounce gold coin - of the "Abraham our Father" collection. Also, for a limited time (while stocks last only) the gold Dinar, the silver Dirham, the gold or silver 1 Shekel and the gold 1/4 Shekel - of the Silk Road and Great Hall of Faith Collections.  When you engage our free consultation services to buy gold and silver coins through, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why Invest in Privately minted Coins ?

  • Generally private minted coins are more valuable than statutory Government coins
  • You are the owner and bearer of Private coins (with Gov. coins you are the bearer only)
  • The purity of Gov. coins can be decreased through debasement such as adding alloy
  • Private minted coins are more accepted and easily traded globally
  • High quality minting (+ or - weight not acceptable)
  • Competitively priced
  • Mint fresh “proof” coins
  • Genuine religious devotional content (giving a sound argument against any possible re-enactment of compulsory acquisition under Roosevelt Legislation 1933)
  • Collectable (annual change of date and periodic change of artwork)
  • Coins are traditionally held for Insurance purposes
  • Can be easily stored due to small size and globally traded
  • Unique patent DanEl design with Christian slogans suitable as collectors items
  • Transportable in a variety of weights and sizes
  • Store wealth in a small space
  • DanEl coins are one of the purest in the world available in 9999 Gold, or 999 Silver or 22k Gold or greater
  • Shipped to your door


Most bullion coins today are minted to the approximate weight stated on the coin. The industry standard dictates that coins should be within + or - .05 of their designated weight. The Great Hall of Faith Series of coins are minted to the weight specification of + only. Any coins less than + the stipulated weight, are rejected. The additional time, effort and accuracy that has been applied in the minting of these premium coins, ensures Dan El Clients have the opportunity to acquire some of the best coins in the world.


In order for gold and silver coinage to enjoy maximum benefit in the market place it must pass the following 5-point test.

  1. The coin must be your property (Government issued coins are not)
  2. It must be a stipulated weight (Grams or troy ounces are preferred)
  3. It must be a determined purity (Preferably pure gold, pure silver or a mixture)
  4. It must be in small denomination of weight (2 grams - 30 grams, or 1 tenth troy ounce - 1 troy ounce)
  5. It must be internationally recognized (Via a reputable hallmark or trademark)

All coins minted by Dan El pass the maximum benefit test.

History of Coins :

Lydian LionIt would appear that the first coin ever produced was the privately issued "Lydian Lion" in about 600 BC. Interestingly they were made of a blend of silver and gold, known as "electrum", and were about 50-60% gold. Minted by King Alyattes in Sardis, Lydia, Asia Minor (modern day Turkey), these coins which weighed 4.7 grams, were approx 11mm in diameter and 4mm thick.

Money is a modern invention in world history. The word money comes from the latin word “Moneta” which was one of the names of “Juno”, the Roman goddess, whose temple was used as a mint. Money is a pagan term, and along with its associated instruments and derivatives is a dangerous and deceptive mechanism. Today's money is known as “fiat” currency; which is a form of currency that comes into existence by a government decree or statute, and not as a result of an open market preference.

Fiat money usually has a denominated face value, is devoid of intrinsic value, and consists merely of a promise issued by a government. This problem is accentuated by the fact that the vast majority of the governments of the worlds’ 200 countries are either massively in debt or insolvent. Further, money is continually devalued in direct proportion to the increase of its supply. As more money is printed and or minted and spent into circulation, the less valuable the money you have in your pocket becomes. This is basic supply and demand economics.

Bullion coins in their purest form were the perfect currency. All too often though they lost their purity by becoming the exclusive domain and monopoly of Kings, Caesars and Governments, who controlled their issue, debased their intrinsic value, and introduced a regulated face value, thus infecting their citizens with the “dis-ease” of a valueless money system of unjust weights and measures. It was soon recognized by the astute merchant that this practice was to the detriment of the economy to which these debased coins were mandated, and trades were often only consummated in the currency of the merchant’s choice.

Throughout history two distinct types of coins have circulated:

1. “Monopoly Coins” identified by:

  • Government and/or 3rd party monopoly ownership (e.g. by various coinage acts and decrees.)
  • A monetary face value determined by statute (e.g. 1 Denarius, $1, or 50 pence)
  • Government inscription (e.g. Image of “Caesar” or state “ID”.)
  • Little or no integrity of precious metal content.
  • Little or no intrinsic value.
  • Being merely tokens of inferred value.

2. “Open Exchange Coins” identified by:

  • Private bearer ownership.
  • Intrinsic value in their own right.
  • Integrity of precious metal content.
  • Absence of a monetary face value.
  • Absence of government or third party encumbrances.
  • Open market assessment as to their value and tradability.
  • Bearer’s liberty as to usage or hoarding.

“ Open Exchange Coins”, which are almost exclusively privately issued and minted from the created resources of gold and silver, utilize the God given benefits of these tangible commodities, and are therefore grossly different from money. Gold and silver coins require no “promise to honor” from anyone, because they possess intrinsic value. It’s not surprising then, that gold and silver coins as currency are disliked by the “Caesars” of this world, because they can’t print them. Their clear preference is “money” because it’s “Caesars’ creation”.

With the benefit of historical hindsight, the civilizations that have embraced a system of just weights and measures and an open exchange of gold and silver coinage, not only enjoyed longevity as a power, but their citizens and those who chose to trade with such currency of integrity, enjoyed the prosperity and security it ensures.

Open Exchange Bullion Coins by Dan’El :

Open Exchange Bullion Coins

These coins are....








The artwork on the obverse side of this coin, depicts Abraham on a mountain in the land of Moriah 1. called by God to make the ultimate sacrifice of his son Isaac, who can be seen on the alter in the background. Abraham passed his test of his dedication and obedience to the living God, and proved his respectful fear of God 2. The faith of Abraham was such that he had confidence that his God would allow him and his lad to return together 3. and would provide the sacrifice lamb 4. which can be seen in the foreground of the artwork, caught in the thicket of bushes by its horns 5.

Around the circumference of this side of the coin are the words in English “ ABRAHAM OUR FATHER”. These same words are also struck in Arabic.


On the reverse side of this coin around the circumference are the words HAVILAH BULLION BANK and the KUALA LUMPUR MINT, where the coin is struck. In the centre of this side of the coin is the weight of the coin being 4 Dirham, 11.9 grams, and the purity of the coin being 999 fine silver.

These coins are available now - JUST NEWLY RELEASED.

This premier coin was minted by the Holy Land Mint in Jerusalem, Israel. The original artwork of Abraham and his son were drawn in charcoal by Australian artist Aaron Burfield, who was commissioned by Dan El for this project. The plaster models from which the coin dies were made are the work of Tidhar Dagan, the finest engraver in Israel.

The phrase “Abraham our Father” can be seen in Hebrew, English and Arabic, as Abraham is esteemed as the father of three powerful monotheistic religions – Judaism in 1743BCE, Christianity circa 45CE, and Islam 609-632CE.

Globally, the claimants of the Abraham heritage total 4 billion, which is a significant geopolitical dynamic. Such patriarchal identity has inspired many to live a life that brings honour to this ancestral father, and in turn to Abraham’s heavenly father.

Ancient writings reveal Abraham was a man of vision, a global thinker, a respected chieftain, a strategic planner and a family man of great wealth, whose primary asset base comprised silver, gold and livestock; holdings that were tangible, portable, practical and easily tradable.

Most bullion coins today are minted to the approximate weight stated on the coin. The industry standard dictates that coins should be within + or – .05 of their designated weight. The Abraham Edition coins are minted to the weight specification of + only. Any coins less than + the stipulated weight, are rejected. The additional time, effort and accuracy that has been applied in the minting of this premium coin, ensures Dan El Clients have the opportunity to acquire some of the finest coins in the world.

Each coin comes packed is a soft transparent viewing sheath that protects the coin, yet makes it easy to remove and hold, as there is something unique about the tactile experience of pure gold and pure silver.

We trust you enjoy this fine coin and find purpose in what it represents.

"Abraham Our Father" One Ounce Silver

Weight: 1 troy ounce (31.1034 grams)
Purity: 9999 silver

"Abraham Our Father" One Ounce Gold

Weight: 1 troy ounce (31.1034 grams)
Purity: 9999 gold
Diameter: 30mm

"Abraham Our Father" Half Ounce Gold

Weight: 1/2 troy ounce (15.55 grams)
Purity: 9999 gold


Dan El has attempted to preserve this history through the striking of two fine coins, presented as THE SILK ROAD edition of the gold Dinar and silver Dirham.

The Obverse side of these coins depicts a map of the Silk Road at its prime of 150BC - AD1400, with the weight of the coin stated in the old weight world measure of “Dinar” for the gold coin, and “Dirham” for the silver coin. The Dan El logo can be found here at the centre bottom, above the words “GLOBAL GOLD STANDARD ALLIANCE”

On the Reverse side of these coins, taking centre stage, are words of Jesus, who has pre-eminence within the Dan El Heritage…“Therefore whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, even so do ye to them: for this is the Law and the Prophets” Jesus Christ of Nazarath AD 31, and surrounding this statement are the words: COMMONWEALTH OF THE BODY OF CHRIST. At the bottom of this side of the coin is the date of origin of The Silk Road coin, in both the AM (anno mundi) and AD (anno domini) dating systems. 7818 AM . AD 2008


Dinar Gold Coin


4 Dinar (Gold)

Diameter: 32 mm

Purity: 22K Gold

Weight: 17 grams

A “dinar”is a weight measure and is derived from the Roman coin the Denarius, [denar – ius], that was first struck around 211 BC, weighing an average of 4.5 grams at that time. Today one dinar is 4.25 grams of 22 k (.917) gold. On the Reverse side we have the coins weight in modern weight measures being 17 grams (4 x 4.25grams).

The traditional mandate for a genuine Dinar is that it must be 22k. That is 22 parts gold and 2 parts other metal(s). [24 carat gold is pure gold] No ruling or guideline is given as to the composition of the remaining 2 carat alloy which is usually a mix of the common metals of copper and nickel with some silver. Dan El has an interest in the pure precious metals of gold and silver only, so in keeping with our focus, we have commissioned our dinar coins to be minted of 22k gold and 2k silver only… no common metals added. This in itself is unique, as these coins retain only pure precious metal content.


Dirham Silver Coins


4 Dirham (Silver)

Diameter: 30 mm


Weight: 11.9 grams

The word “dirham”was derived from the Drachma, a Greek coin. In pre-Islamic times when the Byzantine Empire controlled the Levant, much trade took place with Arabia, leading Arabs to adopt the dirham as their currency. By the end of the 7th century the silver dirham coin became standard Islamic currency weighing 2.975 grams of fine (999) silver, and remains so today.

These two weight measures (dinar and dirham) came to prominence in 600 AD at the time of Muhammed where the gold Dinar and silver Dirham, minted by the Persian’s at that time, were formally adopted as Islamic measures. The second Calieh, Umar Ibn al-Khattab who ruled the Islamic world in Nadinah Saudi Arabia from 634-644CE, set the standard relationship between the Dinar and Dirham as “7 Dinars must be equivalent to 10 Durham’s.” Today these weights are common among the Islamic and Arabic world.


The Great Hall of Faith Series of bullion coins, are our premier range and some of the finest coins in the world :

The “Signature Collection” of the Great Hall Of Faith

Abel, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph,
Moses, Rahab, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthah, David, Samuel

These coins are minted in two weights of 9999 Gold, and one weight of 999 Silver. The gold coins are available in a Shekel weight (11.4 grams), and a quarter shekel weight (2.85 grams). The silver coin is available in 1 Shekel weight only (11.4 grams).


On the obverse side of this coin we have the first in the series of godly men and women who have been honoured for their faith in God. The scene of Abel tending his flocks in the garden of Eden depicts the artists impression derived from the limited scriptures available to enlighten our knowledge of what this man and his environment may have looked like.

The dating mechanism employed here is the AM scale; that is, anno mundi “in the year of the world”. From our research it would appear that Abel was born in approximately 2AM and died in approximately 230AM, which is stated on the top centre of the coin above Abel. The appropriate caption that is central to the story of Abel’s fame is debossed on the bottom circumference of this side of the coin, being “and the Lord had respect for Abel and for his offering”1. Such a statement is a clear and positive accolade that any man of God would be proud to have as his epitaph.


On the reverse side of this coin is reference to the association of christian believer’s worldwide captured by the phrase “COMMONWEALTH OF THE BODY OF CHRIST." In the centre of this reverse side is the Dan El Crest displaying name and devise. The symbolism in this Crest relates to the scripture found in Ephesians chapter 6, relating to the importance of “the whole armour of God,” to enable one to “be strong in the Lord”. The dates on either side of the Crest refer to the year of minting being AD2009 with the equivalent anno mundi date of AM7819. The modern day Shekel is a legal tender monetary measurement used in Israel but as a weight measure it would appear to be the oldest weight measure known to mankind. The equivalent of the shekel weight is stated in grams on these three coins.

Great Hall of Faith 1/4 shekelGREAT HALL OF FAITH

1/4 Shekel (Gold)

Diameter: 16 mm

Purity: 999.9

Weight: 2.85 grams


Great Hall of Faith 1 shekelGREAT HALL OF FAITH

1 Shekel (Gold)

Diameter: 25 mm

Purity: 999.9

Weight: 11.4 grams


Great Hall of Faith SilverGREAT HALL OF FAITH

1 Shekel (Silver)

Diameter: 30 mm

Purity: 999

Weight: 11.4 grams


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