Danel 'Artisan Bullion' Gold & Silver Products

For any customers looking to buy gold and silver products including: gold coins, silver coins, jewellery and our other products - we offer free personal advice and help to our clients. When you engage our free consultation services to buy any of our Artisan Bullion products like gold and silver coins through goldandsilverbullionsales.com, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why Artisan Bullion Products ?

  • Acquiring Artisan Bullion Gold and Silver products have a lower capital outlay than bullion bars with a minimum order of $5000 US.
  • DanEl offers the Choice of various Artisan Bullion products for diversification
  • DanEl Artisan Bullion products are unique and have the highest calibre purity and weight
  • Artisan Bullion products have higher than industry standard purity

Danel Artisan Bullion Products - Bullion Purity


  • 999 typically supplied with minimum 995 LBMA entry level
  • Bullion Coins 22K or greater (917) minimum


  • 999 typically supplied with minimum 995 LBMA entry level
  • Note : sterling silver is 925

How do we order Artisan Bullion Products ?

  • Orders are made on this site at the "Place an Order" Tab
  • Orders are made through a multiple layed encryption server based Client Register Form
  • Highest level of confidentiality with multiple security seals

What are the costs of Artisan Bullion Products ?

  • The prices vary between the various products and appear on the Artisan Bullion order form automatically once you go the "Place your Order tab" or visiting the Artisan Bullion Order" external link.
  • Costs shown include manufacturing and a refining premium plus shipping costs of the product(s) to the client. 
  • The price of "one" of each product is shown on the order page and the totals are automatically calculated for you when you enter the quantity you want. Note that any combination and quantity can be ordered, but the total minimum order must be $5000 US.

Artisan Bullion Order Form


See how to fill out the 'ARTISAN BULLION' ORDER FORM


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