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Being Accredited Advocates (AA) for the global company that is DanEl Private Estates with a licence to promote their Bullion products, we believe you need to know who DanEl & Co - one of the few Private Bullion Companies in the world are. Here we give a totally transparent insight into DanEl the company and the people behind the company together with their integrity and ethos.


  • A Global network founded in 1959 by Peter and Robina Daniels to equip people in their private Estate Planning objectives “equipping select individuals to confident and competent independence, through the application of prudent time tested principles, in the Creation, Protection, Enjoyment and Transfer to the next generation, of a secure private estate” – quote.
  • Dr Peter Daniels is a Businesman, Statesman and Enterpreneaur, who has lived through numerous world events over the last 76 years.
  • Dan El enjoys a unique system of management for its global operations, utilizing the benefits of strategic international diversification, through complimentary yet autonomous structures, to endower sustainable growth, and liberty for both their clients and its vision.
  • At Dan El we see wisdom in a diversification of offices. Our stellar representation in strategic jurisdictions provide guidance through both international expertise and domestic insight. This system of privy communiqué, serves not only as a beacon to troubled waters, but a watch tower for favourable laws, asset growth and preservation, jurisdictional benefits, fiscal hospitality, sound ethics and private banking partners.
  • This coupled with exacting administration, client confidentiality, and unique bullion facilities, avail our clients with the worlds best in private estate planning.
  • They are advocates for championing the cause of economic freedom to all and assists this cause by tuition and providing products and services of real tangible value.
  • DanEl products are unique with many world firsts providing security and capital growth.

The DanEl Team

The Global management team includes Peter and Robina’s son, Graham Daniels (Geneva, Switzerland); Peter Grut (Monte Carlo, Monaco); Dr. iur. Klaus Biedermann (Vaduz, Liechtenstein); Christodoulos G. Vassiliades (Nicosia, Cyprus); Thomas M. Bayer (Vila, Vanuatu); John Napier; and Barry Setterfield.

Graham Daniels

Dan El & Co (Geneva, Switzerland)

Graham DanielsMr. Daniels has written seven books, and authored numerous business education programs, that are distributed worldwide. Peter J Daniels has served on International Boards with some of the worlds’ greatest intellectual and corporate giants.

Mr G. Daniels is a citizen and resident of Australia. His background in precious metals, international business, law, Real Estate, and Biblical studies, provide a unique blend that has placed him in demand for private counsel and as a convention speaker.

In 1981 Mr Daniels was invited to the position of manager of CCI (Corporate

Consultants International) a practise specialising in Australian tax incentive programs, and by the mid 80’s was running his own tax, finance and investment firm.

In 1998, under the name “Australia Fair”, Graham produced and released the first of a series of privately issued gold and silver coins, minted by Perth Mint Australia. This project went global in 1999 under the name the Anglo Far-East Bullion Company, where Graham served as chairman for five years.

Today Mr Daniels consults on international estate planning, lectures on lifestyle and economics, and is an advocate of the “Open Market Gold Standard".

His vision and ability to bring to fruition unique concepts and strategies, provides the edge to ensure Dan El remains a respected leader in its field. Dan El & Co, a Swiss partnership, is the front door to the Dan El global network, where Mr. Daniels serves as Client Liaison, and as a consultant on strategy and vision to the Dan El Group.

Peter Grut

Dan El (Monte Carlo, Monaco)

Peter GrutMr Grut is a Swedish citizen and resident of Monaco. Born in Malaysia in 1938, Mr Grut was educated in the UK, and graduated from Cambridge University (Trinity Hall) in 1962. He is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants (FCA) and obtained his diploma in International Management in 1978.

His early career was with Peat, Marwick, Mitchell & Co. in the U.K., the U.S.A. (Boston), and France (Paris). He went on to senior management positions with U.S. and U.K. multinational companies, with a particular interest in the field of petroleum gas brokerage and shipping.

In 1984 Peter moved to Monaco where he was active as an independent venture capital investor and consultant advising on corporate structuring, mergers and acquisitions. Mr. Grut is a partner in SNC Gryon House, and is Treasurer of the Board of the Monegasque Association of Corporate Service Providers. He holds numerous directorships with domestic and international companies and maintains an active role in his palm oil plantation business in Malaysia.

Peter Grut is head of administration for Dan El & Co in Monaco.

Christodoulos G. Vassiliades

Dan El (Nicosia, Cyprus)

Christodoulos G. VassiliadesMr. Vasssiliades is the founder and Managing Partner of Christodoulos G Vassiliades & Co which is now recognized as one of the most prestigious Law Firms in Cyprus, and has an acknowledged reputation in the corporate, trust and commercial legal fields. His practice covers both domestic and international law, with representative offices in Athens, Moscow, Kiev and Belize City. Mr Vassiliades is Honorary Consul of Belize in Cyprus.

Mr Vassiliades’ firm has considerable expertise in international contracts, conflict of laws, choice of jurisdiction and tax law.

His representation of international banks operating in Cyprus and abroad, along with the firms involvement in the shipping industry and registration of vessels, makes this firm a truly balanced international practise.

Following the accession of Cyprus to the EU in May 2004, the firm’s advice covers all issues of EU law as well as competition cases before the European Court.

Mr. Vassiliades is legal counsel to Dan El and oversees its Cyprus Trustees.

Thomas M. Bayer

Thomas M. BayerMr. TOM BAYER is a graduate of Lehigh University (B. Sci) and the Wharton School of Finance (M.B.A.) both in the U.S.A.

Mr. Bayer is a Fellow of the Institute of Financial Consultants in Canada, the Financial Services Institute of Australasia and the Taxation Institute of Australia. He is also a member of the International Bar Association, the International Tax Planners Association and the Offshore Institute.

In 1974, Mr. Bayer was recruited to Pacific International Trust Company Limited (PITCO) in Port Vila, Vanuatu. At that time it was owned by Bank of America, Sumitomo Bank, Westpac Bank, Montreal Trust, Hill Samuel & Co. and Perpetual Trustees. In 1984 the family interests of Mr. Bayer acquired all the shares in PITCO. In 1989 Bayer family interests purchased PITCO`s biggest competitor, previously owned by ANZ, Hong Kong Bank and Barclays.

Today the group has interests in banking, funds management, insurance, corporate services and ship registration, with offices in New York, London, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Japan, Vanuatu and New Zealand.

Mr. Bayer is a founding member of the World Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies Foundation board in Vanuatu, and acts as the personal representative of Peter Daniels, Chairman, when he is unable to attend meetings. Dan El personnel and the WCES Foundation work together on benevolent projects worldwide.


"... in the multitude of them that can give counsel, is health.”4

The Board of Counsel serves as an internal check on the governance and operations of Dan El, and although has no legal standing in the day-to-day operations of Dan El, its gravity of importance is vital to the success of the Dan El vision.

The role of the Board is two fold.

  1. To provide counsel with respect to business and operational ethics.
  2. To provide guidance on scriptural interpretation and research, to ensure that the intellectual material, concepts, services and products offered by Dan El are biblically authentic and in line with its Raison Detre.

There are currently four members serving on the Dan El Board of Counsel.

Peter J Daniels (Chairman)

Peter J Daniels (Chairman)Mr P. Daniels, born in Australia in 1932, is well known internationally in both the business world and the Christian Church.

Originally from a Real Estate background, his involvements in business over the last 50 years have been diverse and far-reaching.

Governments, Universities and individuals have honoured Peter Daniels for his contribution to international business and the Body of Christ.

These Honours include:

Doctor of Letters: the Oral Roberts University, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Doctor of Humanities: March of Faith Bible Institute, Houston, Texas

Honorary Ambassador: World Expo – Australian Government

Recitizen: City of Austin

Kentucky Colonel: Commonwealth of Kentucky

Lieutenant Colonel Aide de Camp Governor Staff: State of Georgia

World Ambassador – Youth For Christ International

Special Ambassador of State on Economic Affairs: President Cebe – Ciskie, Southern Africa

Honorary Citizen: City of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

John Napier

John NapierDr. Napier is recognized in theological circles as an exacting and calculating lecturer on theology and practical Christian living. His depth of understanding in spiritual matters, and knowledge of scripture places him in demand as a lecturer at conferences, seminars, and church pulpits. He has written two books.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War (1968-1969), John has a special affinity with and compassion for the displaced Vietnamese peoples living abroad. John’s lifestyle and honorable reputation is well respected, which along with his uncompromising stand on sound ethics, has placed Mr. Napier in the position where he is mentored by numerous pastors.

" There came a man, sent of God, whose name was John" [John 1:6] John Napier died on 11th November 2008 while in Australia. This was Australia's Remembrance Day.... the day Australians stand still in a moments silence. If ever there was a fitting time for such a great man of God to head home to Jesus, then that was the day. John will always be remembered by his family and many friends who have become more valuable today, because of what John was, and did, yesterday. John's presence on this website will remain, in honor of his counsel and contribution to Dan El.

"In the Scriptures, we have all things that pertain to life and godliness."

Dr. John Napier

Barry Setterfield

Barry SetterfieldBarry was born in Australia in 1942. At age 18 he received a Commonwealth Scholarship and enrolled in Adelaide University where he majored in physics and geology. His involvement with an international mining company (CRA) included assisting their chief geologist to complete a mineralogical survey of the State of South Australia.

Barry’s foundation in geology and physics, contributed to his interest in astronomy, which was recognised by the Astronomical Society where Barry lectured for 6 years. Barry received an invitation from the Society to finalize some incomplete chapters to research papers of the former South Australian Government Astronomer who had died leaving his research unfinished. Barry completed the papers.

In 1987, Barry co-authored a Scientific Report on his research into the changing speed of light, which was published in August that year. His work in this field has become internationally recognised including publicity in several European daily newspapers, and precipitated numerous overseas lectures.

Mr Setterfield has been an active researcher into the discovery of Noah’s Ark, and has been a valued part of the research ground crew in a number of attempts to locate this ancient artefact.

Today Barry lives in the USA where he lectures, and continues his research, basing his scientific conclusions on his profound understanding of the Holy Scriptures. www.setterfield.org

“There is no way to avoid Scripture if one is a Christian and a scientist."

Barry Setterfield

Graham K Daniels

Graham K DanielsGraham Daniels was born in Adelaide South Australia in 1957. His background in business and his Christian faith have produced some unique perspectives.

His practical application of open market philosophies is currently being applied to the peoples of a village on the Pacific Island of Vanuatu, as he teaches by example the practicalities of the Holy Scriptures in running a market economy.

He is often called to lecture on economics from a biblical perspective and various aspects of Christian lifestyle, and has authored numerous papers and presentations on these subjects.

Much of his time in the past 10 years has been applied in assisting those who are disadvantaged, and is sought out, often by strangers to him, for his counsel on business and lifestyle issues.

The priority Graham places on a healthy family life and its importance to society is evident to those who know him, and is best summed up by his quote....” as the family goes, so goes the nation”.

Mr Daniels has lectured in South Africa, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Vanuatu, Fiji, Cook Islands and North America. His lecture material is always based on the truths and practical wisdom of the “Good Book”.

"An understanding of the Scriptures and the power of God is essential to discover reality and truth, and enjoy the freedom it offers."

Graham Daniels


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