Bullion Holdings - Gold & Silver Bars

For any customers looking to buy the ultimate in gold bullion, we offer two sizes of gold bars and one silver bar: a 1 kilogram gold bar, a 400 Troy ounce (12.5 Kilogram) gold bar and a 1000 Troy ounce (31 kilogram) silver bar all of 999.9 purity. When you engage our free consultation services to buy bullion bars for the cheapest gold bullion price available through gold and silver bullion sales .com, you can purchase with full confidence and receive a FREE silver coin just for quoting our AA number 1044 each time you place an order.

Why purchase Bullion Bars ?

  • Bullion is the Purest form of gold and silver holdings in various weights and sizes
  • All other bullion products start their life as bars
  • All DanEl bars are purchased from LBMA refineries (Only 73 refinery’s in 27 countries worldwide worldwide qualify to bare the prestigious credential to be included on the prestigious LBMA client list)
  • DanEl Bullion is among the purerest in the world
  • DanEl Bullion bars exceed the International accepted LBMA good delivery bar standard of 995 purity as DanEl only accepts bars of 4 nines (999.9) purity
  • 4 nines purity allows the most liquid premium resell market worldwide
  • The minimum bar weight is also guaranteed to meet or exceed that purchased
  • You are the Owner and the Bearer
  • Bullion is a Global tangible asset
  • Private bullion is generally more valuable than statutory Government Bullion
  • DanEl offer Competitive storage charges (Vaults)
  • No use by date and no limited shelf life
  • Not subject to weather plus fire won’t ruin it and water won’t damage it
  • Requires no maintenance
  • Cannot be counterfeited

General advantages of our bullion bars

400 troy ounce gold bar
  • Privately minted meaning your are both the owner and bearer (providing protection from Government confiscation)
  • Extra security as religious devotional content offers further protection against compulsory Government acquisition
  • Private ordering and DanEl secured communication systems
  • Bullion can be liquidated quickly (generally 24hrs to 3 days) due to high demand
  • Competively priced Bullion and Bullion Products
  • Vaulted for private clients and never lent, encumbered or geared
  • A true fair measure of value based on an honest weight
  • Secure protection of wealth as a heritage for future generations
  • Sterling reputation of Global DanEl name
  • Internationally accepted & globally recognised medium of exchange
  • Backed by personalised Service
  • Highest quality minted Bullion among purest offered in world
  • Collectable with annual artwork and date changes
  • Risk free purchasing as all products are fully insured against non-delivery / loss
  • Shipped to your door
  • Variety of products and variety of weights and sizes
  • Danel products are unique with many world first design concepts
  • All offer insurance and investment opportunities to grow your personal financial reserves for now and future generations
  • All are International products that can be globally traded with confidence

Why purchase DanEl bullion bars :

1000 troy ounce silver bar
  • DanEl advocates diversification of Estate holdings
  • Legal Global Asset management techniques including global banking and asset structures
  • DanEL advocates benefits in holding assets in various trust setups
  • DanEl makes money only on the storage of bullion bought as they charge no commission to clients
  • Individuals can therefore purchase private bullion on the same par as institutional purchasers
  • Private Bullion and coins are more acceptable in trade globally than Government holdings
  • DanEL believes setting aside reserves for insurance (liquid reserves) like gold and silver are advantageous
  • DanEl Private Bullion Holdings offer the purchase of two types of Bullion Holdings : Bullion Bar purchases and 4 types of Cash and Carry Bullion Products
  • Allows personal responsibility for your retirement wealth storage
  • Allows you to increase your tangible asset position without increasing debt  (true wealth in reality is the absence of debt)

Purchasing private bullion offers protection

  • For the purposes of Investment, Insurance and Strategic Asset Allocation offering true diversification for ones wealth holdings portfolio or superannuation fund
  • Bullion is the ultimate form of hedging to offset investment risk (being the most negatively correlated asset to all other asset classes)
  • Bullion is the only international stable of true value traded throughout world history
  • It’s a Tangible asset of wealth not affected by inflation (zero inflation in 1400 years !)
  • Diversifies investment risk through portfolio holdings in various geographical locations offering increased protection

Why Private Billion ? - Because Government bullion is not secure

bullion bars
  • Purchasing Government Bullion means you are the Bearer but NOT the legal owner as the Government has legislated it’s right to confiscate non-private bullion holdings by decree. This has been done before in history ie. 1933 US Presidential Order
  • Private Bullion acquisitions offer protection from Government Acquisitions meaning the purchaser is the bearer AND legal owner of private bullion
  • DanEl’s website is called Dan El Private Estates. The word Estate includes such things as various private possessions and property holdings (under international law there are various declarations of rights such as an individuals right to own property)
  • DanEl promotes PRIVATE bullion holdings. Privacy is a God given right which is under attack

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