This website is dedicated to providing comprehensive information about the purchase of gold and silver bullion and why everyone from mum and dad to professional sophisticated investors should include precious metals in their investment portfolios for wealth creation and retirement plans. Purchasing "private" gold and silver offers sound & tangible insurance protection for a truly diversified asset portfolio, especially in times of economic downturn as history has proven.

We have endeavoured to present critical and educational information on precious metals Glossary/FAQs in a logical format with content covering the benefits of acquiring private gold and silver (see this page below) ; what bullion products are available to purchase and why buy these (eg, coins, jewellery etc) Gold & Silver Products; what bullion gold and silver bars are available and why purchase these Bullion Holdings FAQs; information on how to calculate the cost of bullion Cost of Bullion Bars; details on how to order bullion & products with video walkthroughs of all purchases How to Order; further study on relevant topics Further Study; and of course information on who we are representing Danel Private Estates; and why you should consider us for all your gold and silver bullion purchase requirements (see this page below).

Who we are:

Gold is a service company dealing in the promotion of privately minted precious metals around the globe.

We offer information on the purchase of Private Bullion Holdings in various forms through one of only a few Private Bullion companies in the world.

Specifically, we are one of a select few Accredited Advocates (AA1044) for the global company that is DanEl Private Estates with a licence to promote their Bullion products. Although we earn commission on any orders placed quoting our AA number 1044 (and you get a FREE silver coin with each order) we are not involved in the direct ordering, payment and shipping of these products which are done by the client / investor direct through the company DanEl Private Estates with secure and private correspondence of which we are not a party to.

This ensures your privacy and our integrity as advocates.

Our Mission:

Bullion Investment

Our objective is to help individuals acquire Private Bullion Holdings because of the many advantages precious metals offer over other investment types.  We also advocate the advantages of Private Bullion acquisitions above the purchase of Government Bullion.


Although having acquired many diverse investments over the years like Real Estate and Share Holdings to name a few, little compares to the security & benefits of Private Bullion Investing and this site explains why this is the case.

Being one of a select few chosen to do an accreditation course with DanEl,  and continuing regularly to personally purchase and invest in the products promoted on this site,  we offer you and those you may refer to us, detailed assistance on all DanEl bullion products.

We are committed to helping you successfully order and acquire your own bullion holdings because of the timeless benefits precious metals offer.

The Benefits of Private Bullion Holdings fall into 5 categories :

  • Bullion products can be globally traded on the open world market
  • Bullion products offer Insurance protection in the face of global recessions and inflation
  • Bullion products are tangible investments with intrinsic & fair standards of stable value
  • Bullion products offer international diversification and high protection of ones wealth
  • Bullion products offer a means of transferring wealth to future generations as a heritage

View the detailed advantages & benefits

What DanEl bullion Products can you purchase ?

  • gold barPrivate Artisan Bullion Gold and Silver Products which include various Coins, Jewellery, Equity Trade Notes and Sinai Tablets. These are accessible for everyone with a lower capital outlay (minimum order of $5000 US).
  • Private Gold and Silver Bullion Bars are available in 3 sizes. As they require a higher capital outlay they are recommended for investors (commencing around $25,000 US for a 31kg silver bar assuming $25 per oz and $45,000 US for a gold bar assuming $1,400 per oz).

Why Use our services ?

  • Every time you purchase quoting our AA number 1044 you automatically receive a FREE Silver coin as a BONUS !
  • has serviced 100's of past satisfied clients and answered numerous questions so we know we can assist you to purchase successfully
  • We are pleased to offer consultation services at no charge to our clients
  • Purchase confidently from an accredited advocate who has been through the ordering process for all products and regularly continues to invest
  • We offer education on precious metals and teach how acquiring gold and silver can benefit you and your family.

Our Service Guarantee

  • We will promptly attend to all customer inquiries and questions
  • You will always be treated with courtesy and professionalism
  • We will endeavour to help you through any unforseen problems
  • We believe in building lasting relationships with our valued clients

Want more information – Introductory DVD’s :

If you would like more information we offer 2 DVD’s :

cash and carry dvd

DVD 1 covers the benefits of acquiring Artisan "Cash and Carry" Bullion Products (like coins, jewellery etc.) unique to DanEl for the suggested purpose of insurance with a lower capital outlay with a minimum order of $5000 US. Find out more about our introductory DVD's.



bullion banking dvd

DVD 2 covers the benefits of acquiring private Gold and Silver Bullion Bars for the suggested purpose of investing and why DanEl bars are among the worlds best. These require a higher capital outlay - approx $25,000 US for a 31kg silver bar assuming $25 per oz and $45,000 US for a 1kg gold bar assuming $1,400 per oz). Find out more about our introductory DVD's.


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